In Our Spare Time

In 2016 I founded a 45-minute podcast called 'In Our Spare Time'. Based loosely on the Radio 4 show 'In Our Time', in which seasoned academics discuss matters from intellectual history for the intelligent non-expert listener, this podcast sees a panel of Oxford graduate students and young researchers join to discuss their academic and intellectual passions. Episodes were either hosted by myself or by Alice Harberd, then a Classics student from Corpus Christi College Oxford. Each episode has a completely different theme, ranging from Marxism to Medieval Song, Cicero to Shakespeare, Dark Matter to Prime Numbers: a tribute to the astonishing diversity of thought which takes place at our universities.

If you are a current graduate student at Oxford University, and you would like to revive this podcast series now that both Alice and I have left, then please get in touch via the Contacts page!

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